Jason Adriaan

I don't just code.

This is what I believe

I am worried about these kids. Their mothers couldn’t feed them. Their teachers couldn’t teach them. Their politicians couldn’t lead them. These kids never had a chance. These kids became criminals to feed themselves. These kids became security guards to fight all the criminals. If these kids are our future, then the future is a dark one.

These kids need money to improve their lives. These kids need jobs to make money in a legal and safe way. These kids need businesses that provide jobs. These kids need entrepreneurs to start businesses. These entrepreneurs need to be inspired in order to exist.

This is what I believe.

"Get a nice desk job kid"

Birthed from a generation of hard working blue collar parents comes a generation of people who believe that building things with your hands is a failure or second rate career path. This belief is destroying the dream of economic freedom those same hard working blue collar workers dedicated their lives toward.

I remember very clearly my mason father (who later ran a small corner store in the Eastern Cape) telling me at age 12: “get a nice desk job kid”. The advice came from a good place - my dad knew how hard it was to make money working with your hands. This was never just true for myself, but many of my friends growing up. We have all been told that you’ve made it in life if you can get a comfy pen-and-paper job to our own detriment.

Of those I grew up with and went to school with I can count on my two hands friends who have dedicated their lives to creating and building things in any capacity. The vast majority of them now have the jobs their parents told them to get and so now they all push paper for a living.

The reality is in stark contrast with the career paths we were told to pursue. The world in which we live dictates that those who produce more and better products ultimately liberate themselves economically.

It is the aggressive productivity of China and America that have made them superpowers. When I watch a movie, buy food, buy a TV buy a computer and 99% of other items I use on a daily basis it was produced in either China or the US by product people in those countries.

At it’s core the economy is driven by product, it is the hard work of people who work with their hands creating product that create economic freedom. It is not admin staff and paper pushers that drive the economy, they are simply catalysts. We have to encourage the next generation to build, create, weave and craft amazing product and stop encouraging them to go and find a excel powered desk job.


Money ultimately is a measure of productivity, and money allows you options to define the world and shape it the way that you want to see it. Thus productivity is absolutely critical if you want to change the world into what you want to see it.

Sustaining high productivity requires you to maintain motivation and sustain effort. In order to do this there are a number of counter-intuitive ways I have discovered to be productive:

Firstly sleep enough, exercise regularly, surround yourself by smart creative people, meditate and travel - these things will relax and stimulate your mind and will result in a sustained motivation to be productive.

Secondly eliminate distractions like meetings, unnecessary social engagements, e-mails and side-show tasks that add no value to your main objectives and be unapologetic about doing this as it will free you up to focus.

Lastly do what you love and love what you do, it sounds silly but hating your work will make you naturally avoid doing it. Loving what you do will make you insanely productive.

Do these things and you will be able to shape to universe.